Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A big Pet Peave of mine...sorry if it offends!

I don't know if this bothers anyone else as much as it does me, and maybe it shouldn't even bother me. I am talking about those annoying parents who love to tell the world what geniuses their children are. Okay, I know that parents are going to brag about their children, it is normal. I do it too.

I am talking about those parents who are convinced their child is smarter than everyone and they want everyone to know it. They post about it on facebook, and twitter, they tell everyone they meet about their child's "poopie in the potty, and she's only 6 months old". Their baby slept through the night, walked, talked, and mastered quantum physics before any other child. They compete with everyone, they compete at daycare, church, school, and the PTO meeting.

Yes, this annoys me. As the mother with two special needs children this annoys me a lot. It is okay to be proud of your child, but don't be pushy! Do we really need a play by play of your child's day? I'm sure someone is going to say I'm jealous, that I wish my kid was as smart as their kid?

Well, no I'm not. I am very proud of my children, I would not trade them for a million of yours. A. is amazing, he is so smart, he works hard and every accomplishment is hard earned! The same goes for his brother Elijah, that little guy is amazing. No, he may not be able to walk yet, he has a limited vocabulary and he struggles. But, I can guarantee, he has accomplished more in his short life then the most accomplished, scientific, artistic, verbal, potty trained two year old!

Now for a little "brag" of my own..... some of the most intelligent people who ever lived had autism! Don't believe me? Google it!


EnVii said...

i love this post!!! my best friends daughter has a form of autism and her daughter is amazing .. my other friends child also has autism and hes a great boy also!! we all brag about our kids but the people that swear their child knows the entire dictionary by the age of 2 need to stop kidding themselves!

heather@actingbalanced.com said...

My stock in trade comment is - isn't that nice ;) and then I usually brag that my child with A has better spacial and directional sense than my hubby - he can navigate with the best of them, and even being significantly behind verbally, can get his point across to daddy when he makes a wrong turn... I think people, particularly a certain species of mommy are very competitive and like to one up each other... I tend not to worry about playing those games, but it was a bit of a hard lesson when we started noticing that Liam was different... to stop comparing him and let him be himself...

AllieF said...

I loved this post! My son is 4 also and was recently diagnosed with PDD. He's in an NT preschool and doing quite well - probably better than I am, because your post really resonated with me. I'm having to bite my tongue a lot around certain mommies. Deep breaths, a glass of wine, and posts like this -- all help me right now. Thanks.

Kimberli said...

I liked this post, I made a seeded buzz on it. Thank you for the inspiration!

I'm also following you.