Sunday, August 12, 2012

Friday, August 10, 2012

Curriculum, curriculum, and more curriculum!

Wow, I have done a lot of shopping in the past few weeks.  Mainly online, though I have picked up a few workbooks at a local book store, and some Mozart and Beethoven CD's at Goodwill! I think I  have finally (one week before we start school) got my curriculum. So here is a quick list of some of the fun and amazing things we we are going to learn this year!

  • Math- This is the subject we struggle with the most. I admit  that math is not my favorite subject, so I do stress about it. I have changed curricula multiple times, searching for the right  math for "A". He likes structure, and is a hands on learner.  I have researched and read, and I have finally decided to use Singapore Math- Primary Math. We will be using the teacher's manual, workbooks, and manipulatives with this curriculum. 
  • Reading- One of our favorite subjects! I am sticking with the Pecci Reading Method, "A" made such wonderful progress in reading last year and I feel that he is currently performing above grade level. I also plan to add in spelling and basic grammar. 
  • Science- For science I will be creating our curriculum using, library books, the internet, and I will probably order kits from the Young Scientists Club. I also plan to continue using  Moving Beyond the Page, and of course simply getting outside to learn about nature through experience!
  • Social Studies/History- I am so excited about this! We will be using Beautiful Feet Early American History- History Through Literature. 
  • Art- For art we will do creative activities, and read about famous artists and view their works. 
  • Music- For music we will start the year off with The Story of the Orchestra, book and CD. We will also discuss and listen to the works of famous composers, and will use the Classic for Kids web page.  We hope to start piano lessons this year! 
I plan on lots of learning and fun. We love field trips and hope to visit the zoo, the park, the theater, and some museums! I really want to take A to see a performance by the Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, if they offer performances for children that is!