Friday, November 5, 2010

The Invisible Disability

I never really thought about it this way until I read another bloggers buzz on seededbuzz. She speaks of people telling her that her son with autism "looks normal." This is so true, especially concerning my son who is high functioning. With little brother Elijah who has cerebral palsy it is easy for others to tell he has a disability, he can't walk at two and a half, and he wears orthotics. With Alex it isn't as easy, and sometimes it is hard to convince people that he even has autism.

When a person sees him in the store having a meltdown, they look at him as being out of control and they look at me as being a bad mother. What they don't understand is yes he has autism. Yes, he may be high functioning but he still has difficulties. He has a hard time with social interactions, and he has a hard time concentrating especially when his senses are overwhelmed.

He doesn't think like we do, I would love to know half of the things that go on in that amazing mind! He has a difficult time telling me how he feels, and why he feels that way. I could go on and on. I hope that someday people are a little more sensitive to these children. If you see a child having a tantrum don't just assume that the child is naughty, and the result of bad parenting.

No one can understand what a parent is going through so stop being so judgemental. Instead find a way to help. Don't stand there and stare, roll your eyes, whisper, or smirk! It doesn't help the situation, it just makes the parent feel upset, embarrassed, or angry.
It isn't logical to expect a parent to keep their child with autism home all of the time just to make the so called "normal" world more comfortable. Our kids are learning important skills, parents are learning too. If I learn that a certain situation sets my child off, then I know to be more aware next time.

Yes, my son has autism! He is cute, smart, and can be very sweet. He also thinks differently, he reacts differently, but he is perfect in my eyes! I will do everything possible to see him succeed in life! Just know that!


dotcomkari said...

Beautiful post sweetheart, I wish more people would see that Autism comes in all shapes and sizes and that no two people with Autism are just alike. A lot of times people do not believe Kai has autism, because like your son he looks normal.. but step closer.. you realize he has a voc. of an 18 month old child , issues with anger, and high sensory needs. And it makes me angry like you when people just sit and stare and do not even care to understand. DON"T stare at my son, ask why he does the things he does.. I am not scared to answer you. I would glady answer. Kai just wants to fit in.. he did not ask to be the way he is. said...

thanks for linking to my post - I agree with you, I'd love to wear my son's mind for a day... his experiencing of the world is so unique..