Friday, October 22, 2010

Meltdowns and Medication

Hello everyone, I am enjoying this lovely fall weather. But not looking forward to winter. The doctor started A on medication again a couple of weeks ago. We are pretty much having the same issues we had last time. It works at first, then he starts having more meltdowns and becomes really emotional. It seems to work at school, I think it wears off in the afternoon and makes him a zombie the rest of the time. I am not against medication, especially for older children who really need it to concentrate and learn. I do worry about long term side effects. I have made the decision to wean A off of this medication once again. I'm sorry if he is a little more hyper at school without it. I don't like to give a child something that erases their personality, and he is so very sensitive to this type of thing.
I have finally found some services geared toward autism in this area...I will post more about that as soon as A attends his first appointment. I am excited about this opportunity!

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Jessie said...

Oh, Denise, I feel for you. When Egan was little, we tried medication after medication...they usually either made him into a zombie or had no effect at all. Even as recently as last year, he was on three different medications. Now we are finally down to one. I wish we could be completely free of the stuff. It's a hard road. Hugs to you and those handsome boys.