Monday, July 30, 2012

Finally planning!

I am finally starting to get some planning done for the upcoming school year. I am finding it easier to plan each unit/subject one at a time and am planning for the first month right now.  I just finished planning our first Science unit. I decided to (loosely) follow the Virginia standards to give me a starting point, and I would like A to  learn things that are similar to what his peers are learning, but I am skipping around. I am also going above and beyond the state standards, simply to keep A from becoming bored! That doesn't mean I'm tying myself to standards, if there is something A wants to learn that isn't in the standards, well then we'll do it (like dinosaurs, monster trucks,  or Spanish)!

I wanted to share our first Science unit with you. I have decided to do Science on Tuesdays and Thursdays and alternate with History/Social Studies on Mondays and Wednesdays, I may change my mind though and do one week of Science and one week of Social studies to keep things consistent.  I'm just not sure how that will work yet! If you homeschool your elementary aged children, how do you schedule units like Social Studies and Science?

Our first Science unit for first grade will be "All About Animals"!

"Animals" published by  American Education Publishing. 
Large folding project board to use for charts 
Two smaller poster boards( also for charts)
Glue and scissors  
Poster Paint or Markers
Various books about animals, habitats, etc. 
Pictures of different animals cut from a magazine or printed from Internet, or you could even use pictures that  you take at the zoo! 
Computer or IPAD with Internet access- for related videos and websites 

Day one

  • Discuss animal safety and how we stay safe around animals. 
  • Discuss life needs of animals and humans 
  • Read "All about Penguins" in "Animals"/grades 2-3
  • Discuss Penguins, discuss their needs and their habitats. 
  • Introduce descriptive word chart, paste a picture of a penguin on the chart 
  • using descriptive words describe penguins, write the words under the penguin picture on chart 
  • Color penguin activity page
Day Two

  • Animal Habitats- discuss and review what he learned in Kindergarten ( we did a whole unit on habitats in K, complete with a field trip to the State Park) 
  • Start our Habitat Chart- Chart will have the following pictures, Forest, pond, desert, ocean, arctic, and a house (for our tame animals/pets). 
  • Discuss animal adaptations and defenses using pages 228 "Animals"/grade 2-3.
  • Watch a video or read a book about Penguins (habitats and adaptations).
Day three

If weather permits we will take this lesson outside, to enjoy with our pets!
  • Read about Gray Wolves (p32) in "Animals", Bald Eagle(p30), and Giraffes(p99), add each of these animals to descriptive word chart, and habitat chart. 
  • Talk about animals we have around our home (pets), discuss the difference between tame and wild animals. 
  • Read page 176 Cats, page 187 dogs, and page. 190 Guinea Pigs ( all pets we have). 
  • Add Cats, Dog, and Guinea pig to habitat page (lives with people as pets), and descriptive word chart. 

Day four

  • Read pull out story about frogs in "Animals" p193. 
  • Compare and Contrast frogs and toads using Venn diagram 
  • discuss the life cycle of a frog. 
  • Make life cycle of frog book found a Enchanted Learning
Day five
  • In "Animals" read about: Jellyfish, Lobster, Octopus ,Sea Horse, Shark, Starfish, and Whales 
  • Add these animals to habitat chart and descriptive word chart, discuss adaptations. 
  • Go to National Geographic Kids and learn about ocean animals. 
  • Go online and find pictures of favorite animals and finish chart, make sure each habitat has at least one animal under it!
Field trip to zoo!! 

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