Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Comfy cozy and Crazy socks!

Day two and three of International Homeschool Spirit Week have been a blast! Tuesday was comfy cozy day, and we made sure we were comfy cozy! A was in his pajamas and we did lessons on the couch, the recliner, and in our cozy homeschool reading corner!

Today (Wed.) is crazy sock day! So we pulled out our crazy socks! 

We wore our crazy socks to a awesome field trip to a local Apple Orchard.

 We are doing a unit on Johnny Appleseed and Apples, we will end the week with a field trip to a local celebration! The Apple Festival! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Homeschool Away From Home Day!!

We are celebrating "International Homeschool Spirit Week" this week.

Today was homeschool away from home day! We took it to the park and then we joined some local homeschoolers for some 4-H fun!

 I took some photo's to enter them into a contest sponsered by "Great Homeschool Conventions".

Here are some photo's from our day!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am so tired, and I don't just mean normal end of the day tired. I mean I am exhausted, dragging, can't keep my eyes open (but have no choice) tired. Why am I so tired?

Well A and his brother little E (who may or may not have a ASD diagnosis in his future) have both decided they don't need sleep any more. I don't mean they are pushing their limits by staying up a hour past bedtime. I mean they really, truly do not seem to need sleep, so where does that leave me? You've got it...exhausted. No matter what I do, A does not want to go to bed, when I finally do get him in bed he usually starts crying...then I hear about every little thing that has been bothering him for the past six months...for example, last night (or should I say at 2:00 AM this morning) A was in tears... "I want a parrot...pig....monkey", "why won't Bubba (big brother) let me play on his computer", "I don't want to do lessons" and "why do I need to sleep? I can stay up all night....". 

Little E (read more about his story here), he will go to sleep, and he will sleep good for a couple of hours, then he gets up.  I tell him "E back to bed" and he goes back to bed, only to pop up again in about a hour. The last thing I remember is hearing E talking and laughing in his room at approximately 3:00 this morning. A's crying spells doesn't help and usually they wake little E up!

I remember when my boy's were newborns, I remember the exhaustion of waking every two hours, well I feel like that, except maybe worse. I sure hope this is just a phase, I wonder how long a person can go without sleep before totally going bonkers!  Ugh!

Actually, I am almost used to it! I guess the body adapts!