Thursday, December 24, 2009

A poem by me and the word of the week....

Dear Santa,

I’m making this list for my son, he’s only three. I’ve compiled a few ideas, actually needs.

His diagnosis was recently received,

High Functioning Autism is what they say,

I set out with big plans; sure plenty of help was on the way.

The school people rolled their eyes, he don’t meet our "criteria" was what they said, and what’s the problem, he can talk, we saw him play, when we observed him for an hour that day.

So Santa here are a few gifts I’m sure he would agree, that would help with some of those non-existent needs,

Some Melatonin would be great, sleeps become short of late

A weighted blanket for his little knees, when he can’t sit still to say his ABC’s

How about a little tent, I’m sure he would be content.

And I haven’t had time to make; the visual schedule they all say would be so great.

I’m sorry to bug you but just a few things more

A social story wouldn’t be much of a bore.

And Santa when you visit could you please, give others a dose of compassion for me?

When they see my son kicking and screaming on the floor,

I’m not a bad mom; I do my best you see.

You will love my son, he’s cute and he’s smart,

Autism is not who he is, it is just a very special part!

Denise Privett

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a blessed and happy Christmas! Alex don't seem very excited about Christmas. I talk about it but he sort of just does his own thing, imagine that!
Yesterday we had to take his brother back to the doctor, while we were in the waiting area I had the chance to observe him with some kids that were "strange" to him. At first he held back and wouldn't have much to do with them, even though I could tell that he was wanting to play at the little sand table. He sat next to me and informed me (very loudly), "mommy that is a stupid kid,  that boy, he's just absolutely stupid". Of course I told Alex that it wasn't very nice to say that, which led to him saying it several more times. Then while we were seeing the doctor Alex walked up to me and pointed to his baby brother saying "that is a stupid baby". I guess stupid is his word for the week, but pretty embarrassing! People look at me like "what are you teaching that kid"!  That's not as bad as the looks I get during his meltdowns, I either get those looks that accuse me of doing something to him or more often the looks of "if that were my child, my kid didn't act like that, control that child" if only they knew! I really need to make Alex some social stories I guess!

Since he is on Christmas break from Head Start he is off of his schedule, so life is interesting right now to say the least!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE your poem! Hits home for me too... thanks for posting it!