Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pictures and Update

My sweet little sleepyhead!

Brotherly Love

The visual schedule I made for preschool...

Well things are still pretty challenging, Alex is getting into his brother's playpen alot less. I just seems like his behaviors at home and at school are getting more difficult to manage. Alex really need's public school services, as much as I hate to do it I have spoke with a attorney who has agreed to assist me in the next step, which is request a independent evaluation at the schools expense.

They can tell me that my son is not "autistic" enough for services, but I will tell you what I have to say to that "as long as there is one child in the school recieving services that has similar symptoms to my son, then they have no right denying him services". I know that alot of people are going to dislike me for pushing for services like this but I am beyond caring who I make mad, and I can care less if they don't like me, as long as they help my son. I want more for him then just getting by, I want him to do whatever it is he dreams about. Yes I am aware it will be more difficult for him, but I have faith in him and faith in God that he will excell, and that he will learn to deal with his condition and lead a full life. I know it is possible and I know it can be done! I want this for all of my children. I have two children with special needs and there is no doubt in my mind that God has very special plans for them, but I also believe that God gave these gifts to me with expectations, I believe I am supposed to be their advocates in a very difficult world, a world that is still not very accepting of someone different, a world more worried about expense then the life of a child.
So, there is no doubt about it, I WILL fight for them! So bring it on!

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Tricia said...

I tried to comment on your other blog. Comments there are restricted, so I looked and found this one. I haven't read much of your blog, but I have read enough to know it is one I would like to read. May God abundantly bless you and yours. :)