Monday, October 18, 2010

Your son has Autism??

A lot of people don't know my son has autism, a lot of people know, but don't believe it. A. isn't what most people typically think of when they think of autism. This makes it difficult for us to get the services he needs to be successful. The school constantly denies A. the rights to the accommodations he needs for success.

Because A. does not exhibit the signs of classic autism does not mean that he doesn't struggle. He does struggle, he is extremely smart, but he has a hard time learning because his sensory system is so overwhelmed. Everyday things like bright lights, sunlight, and even the textureCheck Spelling of his clothes are very distracting to him. He can hold intense conversations with adults and he loves older children, but somehow approaching children his own age is hard for him. He will say "mommy go ask them to play with me."

He has good days and bad days. On the good days I will forget about the Autism diagnosis. On the bad days, the days when it takes 30 minutes to get from the door to the car, when I am chasing A. around the school, with a two year old on my hip, everyone staring at me trying my best to keep my son from dashing out in the road, A. oblivious to my shouts and warnings of danger.....well on those days I remember.

To learn more about High Functioning Autism check out this article.

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dotcomkari said...

Kai is like that. Most people who see him do not know he has Autism. Like their is suppose to be a type? if that makes sense..

On his good days Kai looks like a normal 4 year old boy most days.. till you go up to him. Once he speaks you know.. he has a very limited voc.
Then most people think he just has a speech delay.

But on his bad days you know. His emotions can change within seconds.. he can have melt downs for no reason at all. And don't even try to tell him the no word.

He can play with others.. but he gets bored easy and perfers to play alone.

He has OCD and will go on for hours if you allow him about CARS and trucks..

I think more people should learn about Autism. Autism does not have a typical "type"... in fact I believe no two autistic children are just alike. Autism comes in many shapes and forms.

*hug* I pray your child gets the services he deserves. I would keep being a pain.. DEMAND your child services.. till they listen. You are your child's vocie in this. And if that doesn't work go above their heads!

I hope everything works out for you sweetheart.. Alex. deserves it