Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drama, Drama, Drama, and ALWAYS tape your IEP meetings!

Well we finally had a meeting at school concerning "A" being suspended. It amazed me that some in attendance felt the meeting was unnecessary, considering how high my son is academically. I wonder how many of those people would have just stood by while their Kindergartner was suspended, then I hear that the "hitting" incident was most likely accidental? Wow! Personally they don't realize how nice I am being about it. I have had several advocates advise me that I should file state complaints and/or a complaint with VOPA. I do know that I will be keeping a very close eye on things from now on.

Now lets move on to happier things. In spite of all the drama (and that is what it really is) "A" is doing well in school. Academically he is kind of brilliant if I have to say so myself, but this is not a new revelation to me, I knew this when he started speaking well above average when he wasn't even a year old! I knew this when he was memorizing songs and singing them at 15 months old, he is a smart kid!

I am being told that the sensory issues that are so rampant in Alex's life and even noted at recent OT and PT evaluations are non existent at school. Personally I have my own views on that and I won't go into that here at this time.

Alex also is quite the social butterfly at school according to the powers that be, great for a child with Asperger's. I am thankful he gets along with the other children (when he isn't being suspended for "accidentally" hitting them). But, I also know what he comes home and tells me, I don't think what the teachers imagine they are seeing and how he perceives the situation are the same thing at all. But, you can't always argue with the "professionals" after all who am I? I am just his mom, who also just happens to have a degree in Education and several Masters level courses toward a degree in Special Education, what do I know about any of it?

After giving the proper 24 hours notice I taped the IEP meeting. Best decision ever, I will be taping all of  our IEP meetings from now on! As I listened to the tape I was amazed at how much I forgot, and also at some of the things I heard! I would advise all parents to consider taping IEP meetings. Check your state and county regulations!

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4timesblessed said...

Great thoughts. I would love if you would consider answering a few questions someone asked me. It would be great to give other parents different opinions and ideas. Stay strong mama.