Thursday, January 26, 2012

A new journey for "A" and myself...

I am disappointed that things were not working out at school like I thought they would. I had great hopes when "A" started school. So we are now entering a new journey, I have decided to home-school "A". I am nervous about this. I know I have the education necessary to do this, but this is a huge responsibility. We started today, we are pretty much winging it right now as we wait on some important materials to arrive in the mail. Here is how our morning went; wake up, meltdown, breakfast and a story, math (which I have discovered he is a little confused about, we are going to have to back up and review), reading, and a huge meltdown caused by a mistake Alex made on a worksheet. He expects things to be perfect and it is hard to make him understand that it is okay to make a mistake. We are finished for the day now, I am trying to gradually add a little more every day and hope this decreases meltdowns. I think once we get our new routine things will really start looking up. We are going to take a trip to the library to find some books for Science and Social Studies and I hope to start those subjects next week, I plan on making them fun, after all, this is Kindergarten!

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Megan B ♥ said...

Not sure what books you are using; there are so many good ones out there for homeschoolers. I am a huge fan of Singapore math for this age! Colorful, well organized, reenforced, and every section has hands-on practical re-enforcement games and activities. Love it. Used it when I did home preschool for my Tanner and it came highly recommended from my homeschooling sisters. I only bought the kindergarten TEXTBOOKS A&B. They were meant to be written in. But the activity books that go along with them may be a great reenforcement for your guy!

Good price, where I got it:

And a discount if you buy them both.