Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer school....or not?

I have really been debating on what to do this summer. Should I continue to do lessons or take a break like the public school does? I have decided that we will do some academics this summer, maybe two times a week and then we will do fun learning activities during the rest of the week. My thoughts are reading and math two days a week and then fill the rest of the week with music, art, and nature studies, and pretty much anything the boy's want to do. I also want to fit one of our "Moving Beyond the Page" units in.

We will have a pretty busy summer, with therapy for both boy's, some pool time, and some field trips thrown in. I really want to take A to the theater and a couple of museums this summer. We will probably take a few weeks off in July just to relax (and so mommy can finally take a class she has been putting off for months).

I'm looking forward to a busy summer, and hopefully some relaxation thrown in there somewhere! I'll leave you with a picture of A, making dinosaur tracks in clay during our dinosaur unit! A loves learning about dinosaurs and he had actually already taught himself about these giant creatures, thanks to Netflix and dinosaur documentaries!

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momto8blog said...

I end up teaching the kids a lot in the summer just by being around! they learn a lot more about cooking from having to do more of it!!
I am your newest follower from the hop...pls follow back if you can.
my boys played with dinosaur stuff forever..when I donated a box of their dinosaurs I almost cried thinking of how I missed them playing with them!