Thursday, May 3, 2012

A awesome post about a awesome kid!

"A" during his reading lesson. 

It's been a long time since I have wrote here. Things are going well for "A", homeschooling him was definitely the right thing to do right now. I have seen a lot of changes, and well to be honest, the child is so much happier now! We are finishing up our unit on Weather and will be studying Dinosaurs next. I continue to be amazed at his reading skills, he has flown through his second primer and I figure he is now reading on a mid to end of the year 1st grade level. Math is a little trickier for him, though we keep moving on with it! I am planning on continuing lessons in reading and math through the summer, but only for a couple of days a week. The rest of the time I plan on learning through play and discovery. The best kind of learning there is.

 "A" having swim lessons and loving them! 

Now I would like to talk a little bit about Asperger's. I haven't mentioned it much lately, probably because "A" is doing so well. It has really just become a part of who he is, just like being smart, quirky, funny, and  having red hair and freckles is a part of who he is. I was in a discussion in a facebook group and I made the following comment:

"I guess what I am trying to say is that Autism does not always mean what a lot of people think it does, I get very frustrated with that sometimes. People expect my son to be either intellectually delayed or some kind of savant, actually he is just a smart, funny, quirky, little boy who sometimes gets anxious and melts down due to sensory overload and who would rather play a video game and be on the computer than play T-ball, guess what that is okay, it's who he is....and I love him for it!"

After this post I realized this is exactly what I want to tell a lot of people, that it is okay if my son doesn't play ball, or become a social butterfly, it's okay if he decides one day that he would rather spend his senior year writing computer programs than going on the school trip and to the prom. It doesn't make him any less or any better than any other child, don't feel sorry for him because I'm sure he'll be just as happy programming computers as your child will be punting a football. It takes all  kinds of different people to make this world go. Einstein didn't even speak until he was four, but that isn't what he is remembered for, he is remembered for so much more! So if you read this, now you know how I feel!

"A" with baby brother during a outing. 

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R. M. Berg said...

Awesome blog! I'm right with you on your comment! I don't have kids who have been diagnosed with autism but I think alot of times I should have my oldest tested so I can then understand her better but I then think that she is who she is, just like my other girls she has her own strengths and weaknesses so a "name" for who she is might just make me and others feel like she's a project rather than just different that just as the other 2 are also different from each other. She loves people's approval but it has been more challenging for her to learn to be in tune with social cues (or impossible) vs. my middle child, she just gets social cues naturally. ANyway, I like your view on thing. Congrats on your blog and I love your songs!